Maker of acoustic and electric archtop guitars.

Singular One-off Guitars

Custom Imelda Tribute Guitar

Archtop, 16”, 4A flame, koa binding, inlay purfling, custom soundhole with view of unique egret inlay inside body, snakewood fingerboard, trim, tuners and tailpiece.
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Gallery of One-off Guitars

Custom Ali Joy

Archtop, 17”, dyed red maple bindings, mother of pearl (MOP) purflings throughout, custom MOP and ebony tuning buttons, black lacquer finish. [Read the full story]
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Custom Archtop

17”, modeled after the Johnny Smith guitar, Florentine cutaway body style, 4A flame, zircote trim, custom bindings throughout, under-pickguard thumbwheel volume control, blonde finish.

Custom Athena Flatop

Athena Flatop, 17”, 4A flame carved back, custom split-block MOP soundhole purflings, natural finish.

Flat top

Custom Athena Thinline

14”, semi-solid construction, 2” rim depth, tune-o-matic bridge, built-in pickups, amber finish.

Thinline Guitar Boolos Front

Thinline Boolos other view

Custom Apollo

17”, 4A flame, oval soundhole, sideport, snakewood fingerboard and trim, inlaid purfling in lieu of bindings, custom peghead design, amber finish.

Special request modeled after Merle Travis’ Super 400

Flame maple top, elevated armrest, yellow-red-black sunburst finish.

Merle Travis 16